On Construction SAP EPCs

Building domestic property? You need a SAP Calculation for your Building Regulations submission, and an ‘As Built’ or ‘On Construction’ EPC on completion (produced via the same methodology – SAP). We can provide these whether you are building in England, Wales or Scotland.

We provide the SAP Calculations and ‘On Construction’ EPCs, and offer a cradle-to-grave service, with no additional charges for the advice and re-modelling needed to get you into compliance.

Simply call us today for a quote, then send us your plans and specifications.

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What is SAP?

SAP is the Governments ‘Standard Assessment Procedure’ for energy rating of dwellings. SAP, was designed to be included in the 1995 Building Regulations and it is now a compulsory component in Part L of the Regulations. Every new house has to have a SAP rating.

SAP calculations are required for all new dwellings as well as those that have been created as the result of material changes of use involving building work, and extensions over a certain size.

When do I need an ‘As Built’ or ‘On Construction’ EPC?

Since April 2008 in England and Wales when a new building is completed and is due to be signed off by Building Control (either as a new build or a conversion) it must have an ‘As Built’ SAP calculation and an ‘As Built’ (sometimes called ‘On Construction’) EPC produced. Both of these MUST be from SAP software, NOT RdSAP (which is used for domestic EPCs on existing dwellings). Page 2 of an EPC clearly states which type it is.

Any newly constructed dwelling (completed construction) that has not yet been lived in will require an EPC produced from SAP, not RdSAP, if it is to be marketed for sale or to let, regardless of how long ago it was constructed.

When do I need a Predictive Energy Asessment (PEA)?

Any dwelling that is being marketed whilst still under construction (or that has not yet been signed off by building control) must have a PEA (Predictive Energy Assessment) produced in order to place it on the market for sale or to let. Again this must be produced using SAP by a SAP Assessor.

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