Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and Advisory Reports (ARs)

Since January 2013 Display Energy Certificates (DECs) need to be prominently displayed in buildings over 500m2 that are occupied by public authorities (or institutions providing a public service) that are visited by the public.

DECs and Advisory Reports for buildings from 500m2 - 999m2 have a 10 year validity, whereas DECs for those for buildings of 1000m2 and higher have a one year validity, with the Advisory Reports lasting 7 years.

Many organisations who do not require DECs by law are carrying them out voluntarily to enable them to monitor and target reductions in their energy use.

Coles Knapp are fully accredited to provide DECs and ARs and offer a quick, reliable and competitive service. We are happy to assist those who are new to DECs with compliance information and guidance.

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Background Information / FAQs

What is a DEC/AR?
Display Energy Certificates (DECs) show the actual energy usage of a building, (the ‘Operational Rating'), and help the occupier and the public see the energy efficiency of a building. This is based on the energy consumption of the building as recorded by gas, electricity and other meters. The DEC should be clearly displayed at all times at least as an A£ in size and must be clearly visible to the public. A DEC is always accompanied by an Advisory Report (AR) that lists cost effective measures to improve the energy rating of the building.  

Do I need a DEC/AR?
Only buildings with a total useful floor area over 500m² that are occupied or part occupied either by public authorities and by institutions providing public services to a large number of people and therefore visited by those persons are affected by this legislation.
Where a building is partly occupied by a public authority or a relevant institution, the authority or institution is responsible for displaying a DEC and having a valid advisory report.
Other private organisations occupying the building, irrespective of the size they occupy, do not need to display a DEC unless they choose to voluntarily.

When is the DEC required?

If you fulfil the criteria for a DEC, you have legally required one since October 1st 2008. 

How long is a DEC/AR valid for?

For Buildings over 1000m2 the DEC is valid for one year and the accompanying Advisory Report (AR) is valid for seven years. For buildings between 500m2 and 999mboth DEC and AR are valid for ten years.

Are there any circumstances where I don't need an DEC?

If you fulfil the criteria for a DEC there are no further exceptions.

What happens if I do not have an DEC/AR?

The penalty is £500 for failing to display a DEC at all times in a prominent place clearly visible to the public and £1,000 for failing to have possession of a valid advisory report. In addition to these penalties, it is still necessary to commission the documents

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